With 2 wheels on Maria Island

by Petra Bucheli

Wednesday 22nd February, 2012

Today I had to go early to the harbour as the boat had to ship a group of seniors to the island. First we collected the group and then we went directly to the island, where we day tourists left the boat. I took my bicycle and started cycling. First along the coast and then a bit to the interior. The way was a bit hilly and the road not bad. Sometimes I had to walk if there was much sand on the road and I did not manage to pass. Often parrots flew out of the trees or somewhere a wallaby jumped away. Then and when I could take a picture from an animal, but I took also many pictures from the landscape. I never saw so many shades of green and blue like here. It was a magnificent to explore the landscape with two wheels. To get back to Darlington I used the same way. Cycling a bit, take a picture and walk sometimes as my knee started to ache. Back on the mainland I saw that there is a message in my voicemail. I learned that it was the camping asking why I did not bring back the key for the caravan. Back in the reception I explained to the receptionist that I paid for another night. The lady from yesterday did not note it! The gentleman believed me and I could sleep once more here.