The interior and the Bay of Fires

by Petra Bucheli

Thursday 16th February, 2012

Yesterday I somehow noticed that today is “Dirty Thursday” and the carnival starts in Switzerland. I am missing the feeling for time here in Australia. The sky was clouded as I started driving towards Scottsdale. Here I stopped to buy food. Then I drove over the interior towards the sea. At Weldborough Pass I made a short stop and walked through the rain forest. There was much farming in this area and I saw many cattle herds. One was even escaped and stood directly on the road. My way led to St. Columa Falls. To watch the 90 m high waterfall closer, I walked to the viewpoint. At one spot there was a snake laying on the path. As I do not like snakes that much, to be precise I fear them, I stood still. The snake did not show any insight that it should get away. So I had to stamp hard on the ground to say: “Attention, enemy approaching!” After I took some pictures, it moved away. I then enjoyed a nice view to the falls. On the way back I met again an animal, but this time a wallaby. After this adventure I drive directly to St. Helens and informed me about the accommodation. The kind lady from the tourist information gave me a hint and I found immediately a room. As it was just past noon, I decided to drive to the Bay of Fires. The bay is 35 km long and has a white beach. From time to time there are also rocks covered with red lichen. Together with the turquoise sea it looked very interesting. I got the feeling of south sea holidays. I walked for an hour along the beach and went back as the tide was coming in. Then I enjoyed just sitting on the rocks and watch the waves breaking. In the evening I sat a bit at George Bay in St. Helens. Here I could observe rose grey parrots flying like mad through the air. There were also sea birds to watch.