Sightseeing in Hobart

by Petra Bucheli

Monday, 6th February 2012

Today I was sightseeing in Hobart. In the town there live more than 200'000 people, but the atmosphere here is very relaxed. I walked from Salamaca Place up ot Battery Point. Battery Point has its name from the canons which got installed here in the 18th century. Still today you can see old houses here. In the close by park I had a nice view to the sea. Then I took the tourist bus to the Tasmania Botanic Garden. I stayed some time in this gorgeous park and enjoyed the wonderful trees and flowers. Back in town I made a walk along the harbour. As it was already noon, many of the fishing boats were already back. Then I strolled along the shopping street and had a look at the fashion of Australia. Now I have already seen the most important things of Hobart.